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If I explain marriage to you, will you fall in love?

Putting the cart before the horse

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Of course not! That's silly. You have to be in love first, before even thinking about marriage. Yet how much explaining goes on about Basic Income! Wait, don't we want people to fall in love with it? Imagine "falling in love" with marriage. Good luck with that! Basic Income is not an object of love. It is a process, a mechanism, a means to an end. We don't have feelings for Universal Basic Income (UBI), we have expectations. And what we expect is a fair, effective and reliable method that achieves results, the many outcomes we love.

First, we show what UBI does.

Then we can explain how it works

UBI benefits:

  • Improves health, especially in young children

  • Eliminates economic insecurity

  • An answer to automation

  • Provides more opportunities for all

  • Fosters creativity

  • It's a human right

  • Reduces poverty (note that poverty is last on the list. This is where it should be)

UBI costs:

"A cynic is a man who knows the price of everything but the value of nothing." — Oscar Wilde

The Number One objection to UBI:

The laziness argument:

People will stop working and will take advantage of those who do work.

Confirmation bias: