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The Robots are Coming for Our Jobs

66 millions d'emplois menacés par les robots cries the headline in the French magazine L'Express. "66 million jobs threatened by robots." Or is that, perhaps more ominously, by the robots. There is a subtle ambiguity in the original.

When a robot can replace me to do a job better, faster, and for longer than I can, it is because the job in question was inhuman to begin with.

In what sense does this substitution of robots for people constitute a threat?

It is the loss of income rather than the loss of employment that is shameful.

Income and employment are not inseparable. (That is what Basic Income is all about).

There are many examples of one almost without the other:

  • a fabulous income without much exertion;

  • mindless work that earns you peanuts.

To the robot who comes to do my work , I say: "Welcome Buddy. You were made for this job!"

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