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Liberal Party of Canada Adopts Basic Income as Official Policy for a Third Time

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Yesterday, at their National Convention in Halifax, the members of the Liberal Party of Canada adopted Basic Income as official party policy. This is the third time that the grass roots membership has voted in favour of a resolution supporting Basic Income. This year's resolution follows similar successful resolutions from 2014 and 2016.

The reality is that there are influential people in the party who are not keen on the idea of a Basic Income. For the Finance Minister, Basic Income is not on the radar.

Basic Income has made it this far twice before. This time makes three. It has not yet accomplished the transition from official policy ( a nice-to-have) to a commitment as a plank in the party platform, that is, an election issue. The Liberals are up for re-election in the fall of 2019. I am hopeful that the Trudeau government will use some of its political capital to push through Basic Income at that time. I am also ready to help get a fourth resolution adopted in 2020...

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